3rd of July @ Seaside, OR

Seth and I spent July 3rd and part of the 4th at the beach in Seaside, OR with his mom and youngest brother. It was very nice there! The weather was warm and comfortable. The water even felt a tiny bit warm when it washed on my feet, which is amazing for the Oregon coast!


We spent the first day by the water for a while and then went back to our hotel to get cleaned up before dinner. Lisa booked us a night in a very nice two bedroom condo not far from the beach. It was just perfect for us! Since we also had their little dog we decided to go to dinner in shifts so somebody could stay back to watch him. Seth and I went first and we had dinner at a little bar. We had Cajun scallops and oysters and a cup of the clam chowder. The scallops were so good! It was nice to have some seafood since we don’t really eat it out here in the Midwest (because who knows where it is coming from!) 

After the dinner shifts we headed back to the beach to take advantage of what was left of the daylight. Seth, Isaia and I threw around a football for a bit and then walked to the water to watch the sunset. It was really gorgeous!


Isaia out in the water as the sun sets


Seth being a romantic


Too dark to really see our faces but you can see the cute heart Seth made,

The next day there was a parade in the morning. That was fun to watch. Some of Seth’s cousins were in the parade so we got to see them. After the parade it was back to the beach! Lisa and I walked along the shore while the boys played in the water. It was a little more chilly that day than the first so I stayed dry.

We finished our time in Seaside with lunch and a walk around town before heading home.

I’m so thankful we were able to spend some time at the beach with Seth’s family. I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to going back again!