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Seth’s Trip Recount


Well, some people think it’s time I post some things on here seeing that this blog carries two names. So here I am, Seth is not just some fictitious, devilishly handsome dork that Jess made up! However, I never developed the habit of taking pictures of events whenever I get the chance so you may find this portion of the blog sorta… boring? Ah, what the heck, you may find some comedy at the joy’s, pain’s and frustrations I now get to share with you so what have I got to lose? A Job? A missed opportunity to go the bathroom? Nah… I can still go to the bathroom and I don’t have a job, so I’m pretty much covered, I can entertain you as loooong as need be.

It seems Jess has covered quite a bit of ground on here already which is nice for me because for this first post I can give you my take on what’s happened and what’s been going on lately. Let’s start with the trip!


You know it’s funny that many people from Oregon or the NW I should say, especially the younger people take so many things about this beautiful state for granted, and I hate to admit I used to be one of those young people. What you don’t realize when you are young growing up in the hard streets of the Burbs trying to be a street king, is that Oregon is really a place where you as a individual can make that state as great as you want it to be for yourself. I always thought of it as kind a boring place filled with green and a ever growing population and somewhat a strange place to be due to the variety of people you get to meet and see sometimes when you don’t want to see them or doing things you don’t want to see them doing, but really Oregon has the culture, diversity and growth that would make any state great and I love it now! There is a market to open literally any type of business, it has tree’s, and it has multiple things to do outdoors and indoors. If you want to open a business, go for it! If you want to be a hippy, look no further! If you like extreme sports, we have the best places to do that (besides surfing)! If you want to be a Junkee, a homeless person or a drug dealer, why you just be the best you can be and Oregon will accommodate you!


Honestly, now that I’ve drove through the states of the midwest, Oregon has the most things I can think of to do; you can decide whether you want to go to the mountains one day and a lake or the ocean the next, you have the freedom to enjoy 2 hours of sunshine and 22 hours of rain in a single day, and if you are a kid you have the freedom to imagine anything, anywhere. You know when you were a kid and you used to make up games or stories based on your location? My brothers and I would play in the forest by our house and we would pretend we were explorers, indians, animals, ninjas or whatever! In the midwest you can fantasize about being a corn farmer, a lettuce farmer, a potato grower or a tractor driver who helps with the corn, lettuce and potatoes! It’s all great, but who has the more cultured experience?

Anyways our REAL first stop was in Baker City, Oregon. This city seemed like it was on a time zone all on it’s own, given it was sorta late when we got in, but there was no activity in that town. Well, I guess it is Baker city… These guys were so on top of things they didn’t even have water! I think they should of had a sign before entering that city like “Hey! You know how everywhere you go water is free? Well we got a deal for you! You can now pay $2 for your water so you don’t feel like a cheapskate when going out to eat and only order water to drink to pinch a few pennies and stay healthy!” But I guess their water was in a pretty cool off brand water bottle… The thing that amazed me about this town is that they had a IN & OUT Burger, just a random, elusive IN & OUT Burger. I don’t think I could find that place again if I tried! “Nice neighborhood, house, house, house, whoa IN & OUT? Turn around I got to see that again! Wait, where did it go??” Probably next to the free water…


After the nice meal we shared in Baker City we headed out a little further to Boise, ID. Jess found a smokin’ deal on a pretty good room at the Red Lion hotel there. The drive was a little slow and my mind started to wander a little bit to the point where I thought any light in the hills could have been a UFO, but we had a sudden turn of excitement when a silver fox ran out in front of Jess’s car and about 10’s later a huge dark shadow literally the width of Jess’s car flew over the top of her! UFO or really big bird? Either way it freaked me out! Was it a ominous sign or nature doing what nature does? At that point in my mind I wanted to believe UFO, now… I…I just don’t know. Either way a good night sleep was duly needed and the room was awesome!

The next day we ate breakfast in ID at some little joint which apparently has “great reviews from all the Truckers that go through there”, says the waitress. But I thought to myself afterwards that I shouldn’t have trusted her or her 2 star company reviews. NOT WITH THESE 5 STAR TASTE BUDS! Plus the air had a lot of ash in it that morning from a really big fire nearby and that made my tum-tum a little queasy afterwards. (You can probably see the pain in my smile in the picture Jess posted.)


Wyoming was a beautiful area, I enjoyed the wildlife reserve and the small towns. It made me want to start wrangling some Bison! Yee-Haw! As small as the town was it was bustling with locals and tourist alike and it had a very upbeat vibe which I enjoyed. Jenn and Trevor are always great host’s and it was nice to see some family far from home. I was glad for some nice R & R but soon found out that that comes later in the evening after we’ve done everything we can during the day. I should’ve remembered from Hawaii, it’s always a really amazing time with Jenn and Trev and you can always expect to do really fun stuff, but I feel 10 years older the next day when my body wakes me up and tells me I should be in a wheelchair the next week. Thanks guys, that was a fun time!

The next day Jess and I headed out towards Old Faithful. I would have loved to have time to enjoy the whole park but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to do that, apparently there is some sort of knock-off Grand Canyon that I would have liked to see and the park was really really beautiful, however the peaceful drive was pretty much all we had time for. When my mind wandered I imagined being a settler the whole time and I really wished Jess and I could have hiked around and explored around some more, next time. On the way to Old Faithful I stopped to go to the bathroom in the trees and later returned with a rash… Funny how that happens 🙂 Apparently this rash was actually hives and it lasted the better part of 2 months. My guess is that started when Jess, Jen, Trev and I were out in the sulfur water and Jess thought she saw a antler in the pond. So who picks up? Me. Was it a antler? No. What was it? A giant, slimy, gross frog leg. Did I enjoy it? Made me get out of the water. Was I itchy after that? Yes, but I thought it was bug bites. And there you have it, the trouble my curiosity gets me in.ImageImage

Old Faithful was neat! The anticipation for this thing to go off is overwhelming! You hear so much about how awesome it is from everyone and how it’s a mind blowing experience, really the experience comes with the waiting. They had some amazing ice cream, great food and a really awesome lodge! I gorged on Bison, Chicken and Pheasant sausage, which sounds funny when you say it, but was really good and with a little a fancy mustard or Grey Poupon, MMM!!! Excellent! After the experience, the show is pretty much the 2 minutes you expected, 15 mins of waiting with a flock of people, (which is actually really cool because there was people from all over) and then 2 mins of rupture. I know when I say it like that it sounds kind of boring, but it was a pretty fun experience and where else am I gonna get a great picture of Earths blowhole?

South Dakota

Yabba-Dabba Dump we stayed in that night next to the Flintstone restaurant so I was a little on edge. “Is anyone gonna steal my stuff?”. All my life I’ve wanted to try a Brontosaurus drumstick and the only place to get it was closed the next day! “Waaah, BAM BAM!” Looks like these 5 star taste buds only get 2 star fruity pebbles…

Mount Rushmore was sweet! We didn’t have a lot of time there though either but enough time to get this shot!




Iowa was a blur in comparison to the other states, I think this state we pretty much drove through non stop. However, this state was mostly all country and back roads which it felt like to this city slicker and the speed limit was non-existent which allowed dare-devil Seth to emerge! “There he goes flying a hundred down the straightaways, his tires shaking around the curves!” “Crap, is that a cop? Nope, just Jess slowly catching up. Crap, is that a cop? Nope, just the 670th tractor today.” “Pshh- Garble garble garble…” says Jess on the Walkie-Talkie. “Crap, I think Garble means cop, I better slow down.” I say to myself. And that’s the story of how Jess saved Seth from getting a ticket, 3 Garbles on the walkie-talkie is all it took.

Let’s talk about these walkie-talkies, great idea, totally missed their mark. Jess could talk to me miles away but if I had something clever to say or maybe a “look over there!” I had to be 15 feet from her for her to hear it. That folks, is frustration…By the time we got to Illinois we had a dozen joyous stops together and about a thousand stories and “look over there!” moments that apparently was just being told to myself. 😛

All in all, this was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. I’ve truly come to appreciate the times I spend with Jess and I’ve done more things and shared more new experiences in the time with her than I have most of my life. It reminds me that every step of our relationship is just a giant, fun journey and I couldn’t be more happy 🙂 What the next step of the journey? Spoiler alert, a ring!

I think this post should suffice for a month! Thanks for reading!Image