Exploring the town!

Seth and I have gone to a few local activities around Urbana-Champaign. When we first got here they were having their annual Sweet Corn festival. There is so much corn here! Tons and tons of corn fields. No wonder there is a festival to celebrate. We didn’t actually get any corn but I did enjoy some delicious ice cream while the rest of the crowd adjusted their wigs.



And I felt bad for the poor ponies. It was so hot that day! You can just see how much they are enjoying their job.



We also went to Quad day at the school. That is sort of like PioFair where all the groups and organizations have a booth and try to get you to join. There are hundreds of groups!! I guess with 40,000 students there are a lot of interests. We walked around for almost 2 hours and saw a lot of them. Seth pretended to be a student too and signed up for a few things. He saw an opportunity to get a free t-shirt so he couldn’t let that pass him by…


He is so proud!

It was really neat to see so many people passionate about so many different things. Here is a shot of some of the groups:






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