Welcome to grad school!

Yay! I’m back in school. I’m at first year Computer Science PhD student at University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. It is a huge school!! Lewis & Clark was about 1800 students I think when I was there, University of Illinois has 40,000 undergraduates and around 6,000 graduate students. It is big! That was my first impression! The campus is about 8 miles long so it can be a long walk to get to somewhere. Luckily all my classes are in one building.


This is my building! The Siebel Center for Computer Science. It was donated by an alum and built in 2004. It is a really nice building and also really big!

I’m taking three classes: Software Engineering, Socio Computing, and an independent study. So far they are good. It is a lot of group work and reading which is different than my undergraduate cs experience. Anyways, I’ll post more specifics about my classes later.

So far everything is going well. I’m getting back into the swing of school. I’m hoping this blog will let everyone who is interested know what I’m up to and also to give future grad students an idea of what to expect.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to grad school!

  1. Yay!! I am so excited to follow you and Seth on this venture!! The pizza looks amazing by the way! The school has so many people! You won’t be worried about everyone knowing your business like randle!! I’m looking forward to reading more!!

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